Surviving A Camping Trip… With The Kids!

Spending time in the outdoors is a passion. I'm assuming it is for you too, since you're reading this post! Seeing that passion in the eyes of children too is amazing! But getting them through a camping trip can be quite a chore. It's difficult to separate them from electronics and the devices they usually use to fill their time.

There will be some long days in the quiet woods away from Wi-Fi and with spotty Cellular service! It's inevitable. That's why we put this following infographic together. We've taken some of the best tips we've learned along the way and compiled them to help make your trip more enjoyable.

Happy Camping!


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One of the greatest parts of the great outdoors is enjoying them with our children. As gratifying as it can be, there are also challenges! This infographic will cover some of the benefits of camping, help everyone stay busy and ensure lasting memories are created!

Before You Go

  • Sleep In The Backyard First

  • Take Outdoor Day Trips

  • Take Notes Of Anything Forgotten

  • Let The Kids Help Plan

At The Camp Site

  • Always Be Positive

  • Make Sure Everyone Knows Where They Are

  • Safely Coexist With Wildlife

  • Make The Most Of Nature

Fun Things To Bring

  • Water Toys

  • Paddleball Sets

  • S’mores Fixin’s

  • Frisbees

Common Dangers

  • Seasonal Weather Changes

  • Carbon Monoxide - Never Cook Indoors!

  • Water Injury & Illness

  • Not Being Prepared

Games To Play

Scavenger Hunts

  • Have everyone collect items found around the camp site

  • Be sure everyone sticks together

  • Losers roast the marshmallows!

Random Competitions

  • Who can collect the most kindling?

  • Who was the most helpful setting up?

  • Who can touch the highest tree branch?

Trail Marking

  • Go for a hike in the woods

  • Leave bent sticks, rocks & anything you can find to mark your trail

  • Check back later to see if it’s still there!

Obstacle Courses

  • Jump on the picnic table

  • Run around the tent

  • Sing “Happy Birthday”

Sleeping Bag Races

  • Sleeping bags aren’t just for nighttime anymore!

  • Get in and hop

  • Lay in them and crawl like worms!

Hopefully you found some helpful tips in there! Remember to check back for more awesome tips and tutorials on how to get the most enjoyment out of outdoor life from!