5 Types of Tandem Kayaks Worth Fishing For

group of tandem kayaks in france

Tandeming in France, y’all.

There are quite a few types of tandem kayaks depending on your activity. Below I listed the more popular ones with links to to the best kayaks for that category or just check out our exclusive tandem kayak reviews page.

Tandem Fishing Kayak

Specifically designed for fishing, this tandem kayak features 2-piece sport paddles and two padded backrests. If you plan to bring your pampered pooch on board as your third partner, don’t worry much because there’s adequate space for it – a tandem fishing kayak fits up to three people and has a forward cargo area with shock cord straps and a well designed tunnel hull for great tracking and ultra-stability. You’ll also have a fishing pole holder and a mast receiver receptacle for a comfortable fishing, surfing and sailing experience. The best tandem fishing kayaks (you can read the reviews here) are made of lightweight, durable plastic which makes them convenient and fun for you to use.

Tandem Ocean Kayak

Kayaking is one ideal way you can explore the seas with a friend. But you don’t have to simply jump into any tandem kayak for a tour through that school of dolphins. There are tandem kayaks particularly designed for that activity. The tandem ocean kayaks are highly versatile and feature patented overlapping foot wells which creates enough space for you, your partner and your child (or pet). The tandem ocean kayaks have the higher rough-sea abilities than the singles and they offer stability and great fun to outfitters, families and resorts. Check out the inside scoop on the best kayaks types, where you’ll likely find details on features such as two comfort plus seat backs, gear straps, skid plate, convenient overlapping foot wells, three-molded-in seat belts and slide carry handles.

Tandem Touring Kayak

If you are one of the elite kayakers who enjoy taking extended trips that are likely to expose them to unpredictable environmental conditions, then a tandem touring kayak is meant for you. They are built with higher quality materials which, of course, offer additional waterproof storage spaces for the gear. The best touring kayak should feature a tri-form hull; a hull that has a larger V-shaped cross-section at the center, so should you find one that lacks this essential feature, then do yourself justice and ignore it. The tri-form hull is very vital for better straight line tracking. Ensure that it also has a smaller secondary V-shape on either side to guarantee you some resistance to capsizing. Touring kayaks are a class of their own. You can find detail reviews on the best touring and sea kayaks here.

Tandem Sit-On-Top Kayak

Just like its name suggest, this is a common tandem whose stability and safety is guaranteed by the fact that its girth is molded into a hollow shape that you and your company can comfortably sit on top of before you begin paddling. It is good to know that it’s very rare for this tandem to get swamped if it capsizes. The problem, however, with a tandem sit on top kayak is that it exposes you, your company and the gear to the negative impacts of water and weather since it lacks a hull. It is however one of the easiest kayaks to get in and out from so if your are looking for sit-on-top kayak reviews you can find them over here.

Tandem Inflatable Kayak

There are many inflatable kayak brands but an inflatable kayak is the perfect choice for you if you may have difficulties transporting or storing a fixed-size tandem kayak. Of course this means that it will take you additional time inflating and deflating it, but the good thing is that it is possible to transport it in a confined space and even easily store it. The bladder of a tandem inflatable kayak placed inside the kayak also provides greater buoyancy in the event of a capsize. There are a variety of models that are available for as low as under $500, which you can use on a calm ocean and flatwater. Some go for over $2000 and are mainly used for scuba diving and touring rougher water. If you are a kayaker who desires portability, then finding the best inflatable kayak is the most suitable option for you.

Kayaking is growing in popularity be the day. So don’t be surprised if in time this page will have more sections added to it. As more and more kayak type activities become prominent, and their own type of kayak is being made by the manufacturer, I will include a separate section on them here.