My canoe camping trip to the boundary waters reserve

Many years ago when I was a teenager, my family along with a couple of other families that we were friends with, all went on a camping trip in the boundary waters reserve in Minnesota. It was an amazing time that I still remember to this day. The astonishing boundary waters wilderness area is over […]

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Niobrara River, Nebraska.

5 Best Kayaking Destinations in Nebraska’s Lakes & Rivers

If you’ve never been to Nebraska you may picture it as a barren, treeless, boring prairie filled with, well, nothing. While certain areas of NE are just like that – boring as they are barren – other areas are strikingly beautiful and pleasant. This under appreciated state is actually a hidden gem in the kayaking […]

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Lochsa River in Clearwater Idaho

5 Exciting & Fast Rivers for Whitewater Kayaking in Idaho

Idaho is a secluded and beautiful state located in the Northwestern United States. Idaho license plates boast of their “Famous Potatoes”, but trust me, this state has more to offer than potatoes, their #1 cash crop. If beautiful and secluded wilderness is what you’re after, Idaho is a great place to check out! It’s the […]

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