Eddyline Equinox Recreational Kayak Review

Eddyline Equinox Kayak blueAre you looking for a stable boat that would allow your develop your paddling skills as you learn to paddle? Dubbed the “instant gratification” canoe from Eddyline kayaks, the Eddyline Equinox is a 14ft long, 25 inch wide kayak that is long enough to glide across the water at high speed while still being stable enough to survive rough conditions. The recreational boat stands out thanks to a multi-chinned hull which presents a surprisingly stable primary surface and effortless edging.

As the name suggests, the Eddyline Equinox strike a perfect balance between two worlds. The kayak offers the all the stability and comfort features of a recreation kayak in addition to the durability and performance of a true sea kayak. The kayak was designed with an efficient V-hull and hard chines that provide excellent glide and initial stability in one package – great for beginners or short day adventures. The Equinox does not come with rudder but features a retractable skeg, but I don’t think that it needs either; it offers excellent tracking and performing lean turns is easy thanks to thigh braces that give excellent control even to smaller sized paddlers. The stern also rides low to minimize wind drag and improve tracking.

The open cockpit is comfortable, spacious, and easy to access. The seat is well padded but you can still add foam under the removable seat pad for extra comfort during long paddling outings. With the Equinox, you have the option of outfitting the kayak with an adjustable backrest or use the back band if you need more mobile back support.

Eddyline Equinox Kayak WhiteThe carbonlite 2000 material used to construct this boat is superb – while it is a plastic based material, the result is a harder gloss finish that offer superior durability and aesthetics compared to composite boats. Equally important is that fact is that this material is extremely light resulting in a lightweight kayak that is easy to lift on and off car roofs.

The top of the deck features to spacious hatched; a round one at the front of the boat and an oval one at the rear. Both are water proof so you can keep your camping gear dry. Elastic Bungee cords are also provided immediately within rear from the cockpit on the front and rear of the boat for securing extra gear.

The Eddyline equinox is a mid-sized touring canoe equipped with all the accoutrements that one would expect from a recreational kayak brand – bulkheads, hatches, bungee cords aft and fore of the cockpit, recessed hardware. The rounded-hull and hard chines combine to provide both good initial and secondary stability. Although it was designed with a day hatch for those small items you would rather have close to you, the this carrying capacity is more than adequate.

When rated for comfort, weight and details in comparison to other touring kayaks, the Equinox strikes a good balance. The light weight and high stability combined with a good balance between tracking and turning make this a great open water kayak. It would be a great boat for looking for something lighter than a full-on touring boat or want a kayak to go out and just have fun for a day.

Lastly, I would like to praise the customer service team at Eddyline, as every time i had questions regarding their kayaks, they were always courteous and very knowledge with their assistance.

For a thorough walk-through check out this video below: