Emotion Stealth Sit on Top Kayak Review

If you are looking for a new kayak, you’ve come to the right place! If you’ve been doing research on your own, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by now about the sheer variety of options you are faced with.

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But fear not – we are here to help! Today we are taking a look at the Emotion Stealth kayak. You will find a thorough and honest review of this craft below.

Excellent Build Quality

Emotion always makes a quality product, but they really outdid themselves with the Stealth. Unlike other sit-on-top kayaks in this category, this kayak is made by roto-molding ultra-durable UV-protected linear polyethylene plastic. This ultra-tough material is lightweight but extremely durable, and will last for many years and adventures. It’s also formulated to avoid damage due to UV rays, which can do substantial damage pretty quickly in certain climates.

When you see and feel this kayak in person, you will know what I’m talking about. It’s obvious that it is solid, well made, and durable. Which i is why so many Angler use it as their goto fishing rig ‘yak. You can see catch of the day pictures on their website. for further proof on its popularity among fishermen.

Sleek and Functional Design

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This is the Angler version of the Stealth!

Emotion’s signature ST Performance hull is designed to deliver optimum speed, handling, and stability, without sacrificing comfort. We found this sit on top kayak to perform extremely well under a variety of conditions. It tracks well, picks up speed quickly, and really responds to your maneuvers. For its price range it offers exceptional performance.

Lots of Storage Space

For those who like to kayak camp and go on multi-day trips, you’ll be happy to know that the Emotion Stealth offers quite a bit of storage space. On the bow you will find a Solace Hatch compartment that is great for keeping valuables safe and dry. And on the back, directly behind the seat, you can make use of a roomy tankwell, complete with a cargo net.

Ready for Anything

The Stealth is a very versatile kayak. Its storage room and comfortable design make it great for longer trips, while its high-performance design makes it more than capable in rough ocean waters. Also, its stable design and ample storage room also make it a great choice for fishing. It’s a full size kayak at 10 ft long (and weighs 51 lbs), so you’ll likely need a truck or roof rack to transport it. Due to its sit-on-top design, it’s not ideal for extreme whitewater runs, but it’s certainly capable.

Reader Comments

In order to provide you with honest reviews, we always include any negative comments we receive. One reviewer mentioned that the seat was not comfortable for them, but that’s rather subjective. Another mentioned that sometimes the storage hatch will let water in when kayaking in rough seas or river chop. With so few complaints, it’s no surprise that this ‘yak is such a popular choice in the kayaking community especially among those interested in the fishing rigged version ‘yak.

In Conclusion

To sum things up, we would recommend this sit on top kayak in a heartbeat. We love most products from Emotion, but the Stealth really goes above and beyond. It’s stable, comfortable, versatile, lightweight, and, surprisingly, affordable!

Emotion Stealth
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