Gifts for Kayakers Any Paddler Will Love This Holiday Season

Gifts for Kayakers

Do you have a kayaker in your family? Is one of your best friends always out on the water? You don’t have to scratch your head too hard thinking of a Christmas gift for that person thanks to this epic list. Keep in mind that kayakers often invest in their hobby, but usually for necessities and not just any accessories.

This holiday season, you can go out of your way and do something nice for your loved one—don’t settle for a gift certificate or gift card that doesn’t have any thought behind it. Instead, check out these products your paddler will love.

OK, so you’re probably not going to buy the latest sit-on-top kayak or robust sea kayak, but each time your friend or family member goes on an adventure, they can think of you and thank you all year long for a great gift, such as a first-aid kit, canvas covers for their kayaks, a fish finder, or a dry sack to protect their valuables.

1. Explortek Nite-Blazer LED Headlamp with Case

Explortek Nite-Blazer LED Headlamp with Case

This headlight has a high beam that can lighten the length of a football field. With 168 lumens, this powerful headlamp has six impressive different lighting modes. The separate buttons for white and red lights make it very easy to use, especially at a moment’s notice.

Energy-saving smart controls turn off the lights. The long-lasting battery life can last for up to 120 hours thanks to its CREE XP-E LED technology. This means a kayaker will benefit from the best light output while the least amount of power is used.

The Explortek Nite-Blazer LED Headlamp is lightweight and waterproof with an adjustable headband to comfortably fit everyone. It also comes with a handy carrying case with carabiner clip, which makes it perfect for late-night fishing trips. This is not only a great gift for a kayaker, but it is affordable enough to use it as a Secret Santa gift!

2. Skwoosh High Back Kayak Seat

Skwoosh High Back Kayak Seat

​Every dedicated kayaker needs a comfortable seat to prevent a sore neck, strained back, and numb backside. This top-of-the-line seat reinforced with two fiberglass battens for durability and strength. However, the cushion is made with a waterproof, fluidized gel that forms to your body for extra comfort. Although the back is 20-inches tall for ultimate back support, it has a one-inch thick cushion; thus, the kayaker can still enjoy a low-profile ride, which offers more stability.

With four adjustable straps, you can easily attach the seat to the kayak. Corrosion-resistant swivel clips and the heavy-duty fabrics mean this seat is built to last. A built-in mesh bungee pouch is located on the back of the kayak seat for extra storage. You might have to save up for a couple weeks for this Christmas gift.

3. SKORCH Original Dry Bag

SKORCH Original Dry Bag

This gift is perfect for kayaking, camping, skiing, and other outdoor voyages. Not only can you easily carry all of your possessions including your cell phone, goggles, towels, headgear, and other equipment in this 10-liter bag, but you can secure them in a tightly sealed, water-resistant pack. You secure it by rolling and clipping the top closed.

Not only is the PVC mesh material waterproof, but it is tough and easy to clean. It is as durable as it is flexible, so it won’t hurt your shoulders after wearing it for several hours. The bag is actually versatile in that you can wear it as a traditional backpack with the shoulder strap or you can remove that strap and carry it by the handle.

SKORCH built this bag for water and winter sports enthusiasts, so people of all ages can stay safe while having fun outdoors. The dimensions allow for a variety of items from food and electronics to extra clothes. In fact, you can put your wet clothing inside the SKORCH Original Dry Bag and place the entire pack inside a bigger case; that way, you can carry your wet clothing and keep your other items safe and dry. This is an affordable gift for the kayaker in your life.

4. Z Care LVP Marine Boat Cleaner

Z Care LVP Marine Boat Cleaner

Sometimes the waters get a little wild and kayakers come back with a dirty boat. You can gift the paddler in your family with this state-of-the-art boat cleaner. Not only is it the most affordable gift on the list, but the formula is scientifically proven to work. This professional stain and black streak cleaner is no match for algae, dirt, grease, or oil.

It will leave a kayak looking like new all while spraying a protective UV shield onto it. The Z Care LVP Marine Boat Cleaner is safe for most fiberglass and gel coats and considered environmentally friendly. It’s so easy to use and works great that the company offers a money-back guarantee. Check the latest price on Amazon!

5. KastKing Coso Sport Sunglasses

KastKing Coso Sport Sunglasses

The kayaker in your life will love these shades. They are super light weighing just 22 grams or ¾ ounces, so you don’t have to deal with chafing at the ears. However, these sunglasses are far from flimsy thanks to their plastic titanium frames made from indestructible TR90. Not only are they durable, but they have four interchangeable lenses including blue, gray, yellow, and clear. Both of the gray and yellow lenses are polarized, but all four lenses are highly impact-resistant polycarbonate.

The innovative nose piece is made of hypoallergenic rubber so you don’t have to worry about any irritation. If you want to give the perfect kayaking gift without spending a fortune, go for these comfortable shades that offer UV eye protection.

If your kayaker already has all of these awesome gadgets, don’t give in! You can check out more great ideas like mounted cup holders or waterproof first-aid kits. After all, you can never be too safe or comfortable while paddling across the open waters.