Good Sam Travel Assist Review: Are All Your Trip’s What Ifs Covered?

Good Sam TravelAssist bills itself as an always available and always willing helper for those in need of medical or travel assistance when they’re away from home.

A helping hand is always good, but don’t confuse this with travel insurance or travel medical insurance, which are both different types. Assistance plans are to help you in emergency situations, not provide coverage for medical expenses or travel related losses.

Now that you are clear on these differences, you might think travel assistance isn’t for you, but don’t be so hasty. Some people might not consider this service because they assume their personal insurance policies cover them whether they are at home or on vacation. Unfortunately, those policies don’t cover everything, which is where Good Sam Travel Assist might be beneficial. They offer to fill the gap by covering things not provided for by your regular insurer.

The question for a traveler is whether this service delivers what it promises. After all, why buy the product if it doesn’t work for you?

What if, while traveling alone, you suffer an injury or get really sick? Is calling 9-1-1 enough?

Maybe you’ll need medical transport back home and can’t drive. What happens to your vehicle?

What if you’re traveling with minors? How do they get home all the way say, from an Alaskan fishing trip? Are all your trip’s what ifs covered?

Read our Good Sam Travel Assist review to find out what we discovered.

What If I Have a Medical Emergency?

If a medical emergency isn’t bad enough, try dealing with one when you’re out of town. Your doctor is back home and so is the hospital or medical facility you would use in that situation. Good Sam offers to, in their words, “take care of you.” Here’s what they provide.

Medical Transportation:

  • You get up to $200 reimbursement for ambulance services when those services are required.
  • If the medical facility you get to can’t provide the treatment you need, Good Sam helps get you to a place where you can get the care you need.
  • Once stabilized, Good Sam arranges your transportation back home or to a medical facility where you can recover.

Medical Support:

  • If you don’t know where to find treatment, TravelAssist helps you find medical clinics and professionals in the area. They’ll even help you find a local attorney, if you need one.
  • Once you contact the company, they assign you one of their medical experts who will monitor your treatment, contact family members, request medical records and arrange transportation.
  • If you can’t get to a medical facility, the company sends medical help to you, regardless of your location.

What If My Family Needs Help?

When spouses and children join you on a trip, they may be the one to suffer injury or become ill. Good Sam can give them the same services you would get during a medical emergency. If the loved one or a friend is supporting you during the crisis, the travel assist company offers family benefits.

Traveling Companion Return Home:

  • If your medical situation leaves your traveling dog or any pet for that matter, stranded, Good Sam arranges for them to travel with you when possible. When that’s not an option, the company arranges economy-class transport to get your companion back home.

Dependent Child Return Home:

  • If your kids or grandkids are with you, Good Sam will get them home while you seek medical treatment. The company pays for the dependent’s economy class travel, and if the little ones are too young to go alone, the company arranges for an adult travel companion.
  • Another option is for Good Sam to bring a loved one to be by your side if you’re hospitalized out of town for a week or longer. They also pay for the loved one to return home. Other family benefits include a toll free number available 24 hours a day for friends and family to get information about your condition, and if the situation turns grave, Good Sam manages and pays for the return home trip of the deceased’s remains.

What If I Need Other Travel Services

What if your medical emergency causes other non-medical problems? What if your travel emergency is non-medical? It happens, which is why Good Sam offers other travel services, such as pre-trip assistance. Contact the company to get passport, visa and vaccination requirements, if you’re traveling abroad. Get locations for a consulate or embassy, and find out the weather forecast for the dates you’re in the area. Here are some other travel benefits.

Where’s my car?

When you drive to your destination but can’t drive back, and you don’t have a travel companion to get behind the wheel TravelAssist arranges for and pays the cost of a professional driver to get your vehicle back home.

Where’s my medicine?

Did you forget to pack that prescription you need to take every day? Maybe you lost it, or someone stole your meds. Don’t worry. Contact the travel assistant company, and let them coordinate replacement prescriptions. They also help with replacement eyeglasses, contacts or other medical devices.

I don’t have enough money for that.

Unexpected expenses, like those for medical emergencies, quickly drain your cash. Contact the company for unlimited cash advances as long as you can repay it with a valid credit card. Just remember that the cash is available only for emergency medical payments.

I lost my passport.

When you lose important documents, such as a passport or visa, Good Sam has network of travel resources to help locate lost items and get into position to replace them.

Can you repeat that?

Crossing borders can be great cultural experiences, but things are often lost in translation, especially when it regards medical needs. Good Sam has a multilingual team to keep communication clear between you and the medical team where you’re seeking treatment.

I don’t feel safe.

We completely get that feeling of insecurity that comes with being on foreign soil when danger is possible. Maybe the country you’re visiting experiences civil unrest while you’re there. The situation could be within your home nation but not in your home town. Perhaps a natural disaster strikes, which could limit resources, and that tends to bring about panic and desperation. You don’t want to be in the middle of that when you should be enjoying your trip, so Good Sam offers personal security. You get up-to-date alerts and advisories about the situation you’re in, and when needed, the company arranges for your emergency evacuation.

Are All My Travel What Ifs Covered?

The simple answer is no because there is no one policy the covers everything. As for Good Sam Travel Assist benefits, they do offer plenty, but to get it all, you need to sign up for the right package. They offer plans for individuals, couples and families, so if you’re traveling as a group, get the package that works for everyone. And, remember, travel expenses such as getting you to a medical facility or evacuated from an unstable area are covered, but you’ll need personal medical insurance for actual medical expenses. Some people choose to get a special travel medical insurance policy when traveling overseas.

Bottom line- there is a lot to consider when traveling, and a travel assistance policy like the one offered by Good Sam might be a smart investment if you can’t afford travel insurance. Just make sure you get all the facts, and read the fine print for any exclusions or restrictions. Their website offers pretty detailed explanations of what they offer, but each traveler is unique. You may have what if type questions that only pertain to your travel needs.