ICF Announces Changes to Olympic Program

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ICF Announce Changes to Sprint Racing Olympic Programme

September 14, 2009

In direct response to the expectations of the IOC, the ICF has taken a giant leap forward by revising its Olympic programme for the Canoe Sprint discipline. These changes mark the first for the sport in 30 years and move canoeing into a new phase of not just equality but also a phase that shows canoeing as the exciting spectacle it really is. These will, in turn, create a more attractive TV experience for fans and spectators around the world.

The changes see more female athletes in the 2012 Games, as the Men’s 500M event is turned over to the Women’s events. This means there will be a total of four female events for Canoe Sprint at the Olympics.

The Men’s 500M events have been moved to 200M events and will become a new focus at the Olympic Games in London 2012. The IOC President, Jacque Rogge commented that the 200M would make the event ‘more spectacular’.

The ICF President, Mr Jose Perurena said that ‘These changes to the Olympic Programme represent an evolution for Canoeing as a sport.  It has been the vision of the ICF Board to make suitable changes to keep our sport relevant and exciting for the youth and general public in the coming years. We look forward to seeing the new format being put in use in London 2012.’

The 1000M distances will remain for men as the traditional ‘blue ribbon’ events and 500 m for the women. There will be more women represented at the 2012 Games in canoeing and the 200 m kayaking for men will provide a more watchable, more entertaining format presenting some nail-biting finishes.

At the same time, the ICF requested additional quotas for Canoe Slalom. The IOC has recognised the value that Canoe Slalom brings to the Olympic Games, but have decided to maintain the existing quota for 2012.

The ICF has 330 places in Canoe Sprint and Canoe Slalom with a total of 16 medals at the Olympic Games. For more information please contact ICF Secretary General, Simon Toulson simon.toulson@canoeicf.com.

Source: http://www.bcu.org.uk/news/icf-announces-changes-to-olympic-programme