Ken Campbell Of The Ikkatsu Project Shares 3 Easy & Satisfying Camp Meals

To maximize your weekend, the days need to be as free as possible. -Ken Campbell

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Here at, we like to share a variety of expert opinion when it comes to all thing outdoors. Ken, from the Ikkatsu project, is one such person. Please enjoy the below camping recipes that he so kindly sent to us.

The way I see it, lunch should always be an easy meal. It should be filling and nutritious but it should not involve any complicated preparation, no matter what it is. To maximize your weekend, the days need to be as free as possible.

Breakfast and dinner are often where the time and effort seems to go on and on, but there are meals that are easier to prepare than others and even the best of these can be improved upon, something that keeps menu planning interesting and fun. Remember, camping is supposed to be fun.

Here are a few examples of simple meals that will definitely satisfy on your next outdoors trip:


Ingredients are whatever you like in your omelette. Figure on about 2.5 eggs per/person, and all the fillings you like: onion, peppers, cheese, etc. (Most of these can be prepped at home and will keep fine for a weekend outing.) Each person puts their choice of ingredients in a ziplock bag along with some the amount of eggs they want, mixes it together once the bag is sealed and throws the bag into a pot of boiling water. Give it three minutes or so, then pull the bags out and extract the omelettes inside. They are absolutely edible at this point, but if you add some salsa and fresh cilantro, they will be even better.

Seafood Pasta Alfredo

You can either use commercial noodle mixes that have sauce included or use a jar sauce if weight is not an issue. It’s as simple as they come and adaptable to whoever’s in the dinner party. Start by boiling up some flat noodles. Drain, then add white sauce (if required), maybe put in some fresh garlic, and put back on simmer. Stir in canned mussels or clams (or both), to suit. Serve with warmed dinner roll and a bottle of wine.

Sprout’n Sausages

(Sounds like a bad porn film.) Freeze some good sausages before you leave home. They can be used to keep other food items cold for a day or so and will thaw out in your food bag. Slice them into chunks and fry in olive oil along with small, fresh Brussels sprouts. Season to taste with Montreal steak seasoning. It is a great taste, seriously, and if you add some fresh garlic to the pan about 2 minutes before it’s finished, that is even better. Dinner rolls or tortillas go well along with.