Lifetime Manta Tandem Kayak Review

lifetime manta tandem kayak with paddles in yellowWant to enjoy a weekend out on the water? Of course you can take any tandem kayak but what happens if you need to bring more than two people or even your pet along? With so many options in the market today, choosing the right tandem kayak can be daunting. However, once you learn to identify your needs, it becomes very easy for you to find the right equipment.

The Lifetime Manta tandem kayak is a ten foot 2-person kayak that is capable of sitting up to three people (two paddlers and a child or a pet) with a 500 pound weight capacity. The kayak was designed for multi-purpose recreational use kayaking and provides balanced, comfortable seating for tandem, solo or family fun. The two seats come with padded backrests and can be adjusted to ensure that you remain comfortable throughout your kayaking expedition. To prevent foot cramping and further improve comfort, this 2 person kayak also features multiple foot rest position so that the kayak can be used by any size paddler.

The high and dry seating design will keep you off the floor and dry.

Well Built

The hull is constructed from high density polyethylene plastic (Lifetime provides valuable care tips to make it last) that can withstand knocks from submerged objects while keeping the boat stable on the water. The hard outer shell is UV protected which means that it will not crack, peel or fade even with extended use. The Lifetime Manta’s hull design also provides more stability and tracking, although this can still be improved by installing a rudder at the bottom. The boat also comes with interior foam for extra buoyancy which easily keeps the kayak afloat even when it is carrying its maximum load.

lifetime manta tandem kayak in green

Everyone perfers the yellow, but the green looks cooler to me. Regardless, keep in mind that they also have it in a Fishing version for the fisher man in you.

The model also comes with two paddles, a mast receiver receptacle a bottle holder and a fishing rod holder to keep you hydrated while on the water. This means that you can choose to paddle or sail the boat depending on your preferences. Storing the paddles is easy thanks to the paddle cradles and paddles clips on the front and rear for both paddlers.

Capacity & Features

The fore of the boat features a generous cargo hold for keeping kayaking and camping gear. Moreover, elastic bungee cords are also provided to help secure additional items or those you may need to have within easy reach. The rear features a larger storage hatch that can come in handy for storing spare clothing, snacks, electronics such as your phone, GPS, fish finder and other items that you may want to keep dry when on the water

The cockpit area is dotted with scupper holes that run through the hull so that you never have to worry about bailing water from the boat, even in rough or wet conditions.

The Lifetime Manta kayak promises to be a delight for kayakers from all walks of life. Whether you intend to paddle, fish, or sail solo or with one or more people, this is one of the few kayaks that can fulfill all those needs. This Yak’s stability lends it to a very easy and comfortable experience on the water, regardless of whether you and your partner are still beginners or expert fishing kayakers.

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