Ocean Kayak Venus 11 Review

Ocean Kayak Venus 11 in Hot PinkUsing sexism when marketing an excellent kayak that would be suitable for both women and men just doesn’t make sense. Why would you immediately rule out half your market? But this is precisely the approach Ocean Kayak use when marketing g the Venus 11 recreational kayak.

While the name tells you right from the start that they are gunning for a female audience, the kayak’s features, benefits and user reviews suggest that this specific kayak is too good to be aimed at any specific group. Plus, it comes in more colors than pink. The kayak works great for camping, surfing, nature watching, surfing, day paddling, fishing and photography on flat water slow rivers and moderate ocean swells.

For Women By Women

ocean kayaks venus 11 green and white top view

Designed by women, the Ocean Kayak Venus 11 is the slightly large sister of popular petite Venus 10 for women paddlers with a medium to large build. The kayak’s hull is made of a tough, maintenance free polyethylene plastic that can last through countless summers on the water and take a few hits from rocks without getting dents.

At 40 pounds, the boat is lightweight and comes with a unique hand grab handle system and car topping. The bow and stern are equipped with carry handles for easy transport. One can load up the car and head to the water without help.

It is a trim, easy to manage sit-on-top kayak designed for easy handling and maneuverability. It features a rounded V-hull that offers excellent tracking and turns easily. Furthermore, scupper holes that extend from the inside the bottom of the bottom to the hull mean that you’ll never have to bail the boat. Scupper stoppers are also available as an optional add on.

Comfortable Design

The seating is comfortable and spacious. The seat well makes full use of the narrow hull to accommodate fuller hips and short arms, which makes it ideal for women paddlers. The seat was also designed with women in mind due to the fact the women have a relatively lower center of gravity, so a deep seat was not necessary for stability.

The seat and seat well were therefore designed high above the boat for a drier ride. The seat is easily adjustable and has both the backrest and seat is padded for extra comfort on long kayaking expeditions.
ocean kayaks venus 11 blue and white top view
For storage, the Ocean Kayak Venus 11 features a molded in tankwell with gear straps to keep your kayaking gear dry while on the water. The deck also features multiple accessory eyelets to secure accessories such as your phone or media player and keep them dry.

Many have been won over by the Venus 11’s responsiveness, tracking and versatility. While it is one of the most lightweight boats on the market, it is capable of carrying up to 25 pounds. There is also plenty of storage space in the tankwell and more gear can be secured by bungee cords if your need to bring lots of supplies for an extended camping trip. If you are a woman looking for a good recreational kayak, this is it. If you are a man and need something that is easily to handle, do not hesitate either.

Sometimes though the best reviews are video reviews so watch this: