Old Town Canoe Vapor 10 Recreational Kayak Review

The Old Town Canoe Vapor 10 kayak is a great entry-level and affordable kayak that is a joy to use for under four-hundred dollars and as the name suggests it’s a 10 footer with a polyethylene constructed hull that is lightweight and robust.

Old Town Canoe Vapor 10 kayak Lime Green
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Comfortable & Roomy

I’ve found the that seat is very comfortable and there’s a lot of room in the cockpit for easy embarking. The seat itself is known as a Comfort Flex seat and contains memory materials that mold themselves to your body shape, ensuring the maximum amount of comfort on long journeys, where the seat can often be a serious cause of discomfort on less well-made kayaks. The seat is also adjustable.

The comfortable construction does not stop at the seat, there’s also padded thigh braces and the foot braces are adjustable to enable you to get the best paddling position, along with the adjustable seat there’s a lot you can do to ensure you’re in the best position possible for both performance and comfort.

As someone who often finds too much of my weight is on my pelvis or knees, I really appreciate this customization. That’s why beginners will love this kayak since it makes the ride comfortable without too much of a customization.

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There’s plenty of storage capacity in the stern day well for a lunch, a waterproof bag, rain cover, safety equipment and any other items that you may wish to take with you on longer journeys. The day well also sits quite highly so it’s mostly immune to water ingress from the waves as well as any mud you may track in on your feet. The paddle rest is also molded on.

There’s even a cockpit tray and beverage holder. So overall the cockpit is one of the most comfortable out there, and for the price there cannot be many more comfortable rides on the market.

Quality Brand & Construction

It’s construction is single-layer polyethylene and non-foldable, although its light weight and relatively short length makes storage, transport and carrying easy to do. It has a carrying handle at either end.

The hull is thick enough to withstand almost anything, it’s also very easy to clean. With the proper care and maintenance this kayak will last you for a very long time. The shape of the hull is fantastic and cuts through the water like a hot knife through butter.

It also sits nicely on the water and retains it’s balance well in a high position above the water. If you capsize it’s easy to right it with minimal effort. It tracks extremely well. It’s short-length also makes it very maneuverable.

You can also follow Old Town advice, which has a specific guidelines on how to care for their canoes.

The full specs are:

  • 10 ft in length.
  • 28.5 inches in width.
  • 16.75 inches in depth.
  • It weighs 48 lbs.
  • The cockpit size is 48 x 19.5 inches.
  • Its total load carrying capacity is 325 lbs.

The Old Town Vapor 10 kayak is one of the best recreational kayak rides out there for the money. I’ve found its main feature is its versatility, it can carry a lot so it’s ideal for long trips and even fishing. Yet if you want performance and speed, it can perform very well also.

old town vapor 10 light blue top view

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It’s a recreational kayak so it’s designed for flatwater lakes and rivers but it’s reasonably competent on choppy water and white water at a push, and it’s short-length makes it the perfect kayak to take on a vacation without logistical problems.

It’s such a great kayak that many people often buy a second one for their partner (as I’ve done) and it’s almost universally well-received among reviewers. You will have a very hard time finding a more comfortable, durable and well-performing kayak for the money. Overall, it’s highly recommended.

Check out this video review on the Old Town Canoe Vapor 10 Kayak: