Old Town Predator 13 Kayak Review – Solid Stand Up Fishing

Imagine standing up, turning around. Taking a step forward, then backward… in a freaking kayak no less! Hard to believe right? But this is just how stable the aptly named Old Town Predator 13 Kayak is. I was fortunate enough to test paddle Old Towns newest kayaks when my buddy let me try his Predator kayak.

Old Town Predator 13 Angler Kayak

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After the first evening in the canoe I was hooked. I’ve previously owners the ocean kayak Ultra 4.7 in which standing is possible but not comfortable. In the this beautiful beast, it was second nature; this is honestly the most stable kayaks in its class – the ideal fishing platform.

The superior stability is thanks to the performance crafted Tri-hull design that prevents the canoe from tipping over. To support your weight when standing in the kayak, the hull is made of LT900 polyethylene that delivers incredible strength and durability.

Apart from the innovative Tri-Hull design, the Yak also offers a few other stability enhancing features such as a stand up assist strap and a slip resistant Exo-Ridge with a proprietary textured design that ensure that you and your gear stay dry and secure on the boat.

An Anglers Best Friend (kind of)

Another feature that simply blew me away was the Predator’s three-stage Element seating. The seat can be folded forward and tucked away nicely during transport, lowered for easier paddling and flipped out of the way to the rear to expand the standing platform when you feel like sight-casting or poling. A storage pouch in the back of the seat makes it easy to keep a few fishing accessories handy.

Should some water get into the kayak, 8 strategically positioned scupper holes designed with Old Town’s patented one-way scupper holes.

You will never have to sit or stand in a puddle when paddling or casting in this Yak, regardless of the conditions.

Despite being a solo kayak, the Predator 13 can handle as much load as most tandems. With a load capacity of 425 pounds, the boat is capable of carrying you and all the gear you could possibly need on a weekend fishing trip. A large bow hatch in front of the boat offers ample storage space with dimensions of 16.5 inches X 14.5 inches. The roomy hatch is perfect for your gear bags and it locks securely with a simple click to keep your gear dry and secure.

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Old Town Predator 13 Kayak BrownThe kayak does not come with any rod holder. However, it is equipped with 6 removable mounting plates. This high strength mounts are strategically placed to eliminate the need for drilling into the kayak’s hull. The mounting plates make it easy to customize your kayak with fish finder, rod holder, GPS or slide tracks.

The bow features dual tip rod holder for easy storage but for extra convenience when casting, Old Town designed the Predator kayak with side mounted retainer bungees. When not in use, side mounted holders keep your paddle secure and out of the way. But you can also free your hands for casting by placing the paddle on the molded paddle rest.

Apart from the mounts, this Old Town Predator was also designed with the HumminBird Transducer scupper port that gives you the freedom to outfit the boat with fishing and navigational equipment of your choice. This built in mounting can be used to hold your GPS but it was primarily designed to support the latest side imaging technology.

Capacity & A Slight Disadvantage

This fishing kayak measures 13 feet and 2 inches long with a 33.5 inch wide beam. Its weight is 72 pounds.

But despite the impressive fishing and paddling feature set, the Predator 13 is not without a few flaws. There is one thing that all other kayaks can do that this canoe can’t – take out their seat. The seat is held in place by two brackets. This means that you have to unscrew the brackets off before taking out the seat. However, you will rarely have to remove the seats even when transporting as it can be folded and fastened with straps.

If you are an angler, then you are probably looking for a kayak that can be customized with different options such as rigging, a steady stand bar, a Scotty outrigger for extra stability and buoyancy, then this is one of the best kayak deals you can get bang for buck. The superior stability and ability to customize the Old Town Predator 13 kayak to meet your exact styles and preferences is not something many other canoes can offer.

Old Town Predator 13
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A beauty like this you want to get in person, but if you want to save a few $100 dollars then by all mean get it online: Amazon Discount Link

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