Paddleboard Accessories You Need for 2018

Paddleboarding, also known as paddle boarding, is an activity in which participants propel themselves through the water on a paddleboard using their arms. Traditional paddleboarding involves people kneeling or lying, but more recently stand up paddleboarding (SUP) has also become a popular sport where paddles are used instead of one’s arms. More often than not, paddleboarding takes place in the open ocean where paddleboards ride unbroken swells to get to where they want to be.

As well as a decent paddleboard, there are a number of related accessories you may want to consider before taking up the sport of paddling. While some of these accessories are there to enhance your experience, others are merely there as a safety precaution. However, when you’re paddleboarding in places like the open ocean, it’s always best to be prepared. So, to help you get started on your wave to paddleboarding, check out these accessories that you need to get your hands on for 2018:

Waterproof Dry Bag

You’re going to need something to keep all your belongings dry when you’re out on the open sea and what better way to do it than with this waterproof dry bag from Sak Gear. Made from the highest quality materials, it comes in either a 10 liter or 20 liter option, which should be more than adequate to fit your essentials. Along the side of the bag is a zip pocket for fast and convenient access and it also has a reflective strip attached to make sure you remain seen at all times. What’s more, there’s a huge range of colors to choose from. For an inexpensive way to keep your stuff safe and dry while out paddleboarding, this is exactly what you need.


It can get rather tiresome carrying your paddle board around with you. So, why not save your energy for the waves and take away some of that strain with the APEX APX-DLY Paddle Board Dolly. This dolly allows you to transport your SUP with ease. Its heavy-duty bungee straps make sure your board stays put while in motion. Its durable pneumatic tires also mean that you shouldn’t be getting a puncture any time soon. Each dolly is designed to carry one paddleboard weighing up to 50 pounds and is the ideal solution for transporting your board to the beach. Unless of course you have an inflatable paddle board.

SUP-Now Paddleboard Dog

For all you dog lovers out there, who just can’t bear to be without your pooch, this is a must for you. Most dogs love water, so why not take your pooch with you on the open water? This paddleboard dog traction pad on offer by SUP-Now has a diamond groove design that ensures your dog gets a good grip. It’s also fully customizable in that you can easily cut it into whatever size you need. Another great feature about this paddleboard is that it’s water-resistant. This is extremely important as a traction pad that absorbs water will only weighs you down. With this traction pad the water simply slides right off. Treat your pooch today!

Onyx M-16 Belt

It doesn’t matter how good a swimmer you are, if you’re out in the open water it’s always best to be prepared and this Onyx M-16 Belt Pack Life Jacket will help you do just that. With a very low-profile and simple 1” buckle and belt, this lightweight belt pack is perfect for using out on the open water. It’s so small and light that you’ll hardly even notice it’s there. There’s even a D-ring attachment for you to hook on small essentials. Designed to fit persons aged 16 and older weighing more than 80 pounds, this Onyx belt pack life jacket really could mean the difference between life and death and is definitely something you need for 2018.

No trip on the water would be complete without a cold beverage to sit back and relax with. Whatever your tipple, whether it’s beer, soda, or good old water, this cooler and mesh bag is the ultimate paddleboard accessory. It will hold up to six cans comfortably. There’s suction cups fitted to the bottom to make sure it stays put while on the move and the integrated cooler will keep your beverages nice and cold for hours. It’s also ideal for storing other items such as sun cream or snacks too.

Make carrying your paddleboard much easier with this carry strap on offer by Own the Wave. With this carry strap it has adjustable straps that fit around the board, as well as a fully adjustable shoulder strap with padding making it perfect for transporting your paddleboard to the waves. Suitable for kids and adults, it’s made from durable materials that are designed to last and take the weight of the board. Just in case you do have any issues (not that we think you will) they even offer a full 12-month total replacement guarantee.

BEST Kayak Anchor for Canoes

When you’ve finished riding the waves and just want to sit back and relax on the open water, this is the ideal tool to help you. The BEST anchor itself is made from pure galvanized iron so won’t be rusting anytime soon. And the rope that’s included is marine grade so it’s quality all the way this kit. Not only does the anchor look and feel good, but it’s the perfect size too. It’s easy to use and easy to store. When done using, simply fold it up and pop it in the neat little carry bag that comes with it.

There are hundreds of different paddleboard accessories out there, but we feel that the above list is pretty good in terms of the essentials you need for 2018. Not only will these products make your life easier while out paddleboarding, but some could also save your life too.