Pelican Apex 100 Sit-On-Top Kayak Review

When it comes to choosing a kayak, there are a ton of options out there. Even if you’ve decided on the type of kayak you want, there’s still a huge array of manufacturers, styles, and price ranges to choose from.

Pelican Apex 100 Kayak Fade Blue-White top

If you’ve set your scopes on a sit-on-top kayak, we’ve got a great option for you – the Pelican Apex 100. Read on for a thorough and honest review of this craft!

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The Apex 100 is a very beginner-friendly kayak. It’s ultra stable design makes it easy to maneuver, even for a first time paddler. But don’t get me wrong – it’s not a strictly “beginner” kayak – it will suit the needs of a variety of paddlers, both novice and experienced.

Great for Lakes and Slow Rivers

This kayak is perfect for exploring lakes and cruising down slow rivers. It’s definitely not a white water capable craft, but that should be obvious based on its design. We like that its lightweight design makes it easy to transport back and forth. This Pelican Apex weighs just 40 lbs, so it’s a breeze to carry with a friend, and can be carried by one person if need be, although it’s a bit awkward to carry because of its size.

Lots of Storage Space

The Apex 100 offers a surprising amount of storage space. It’s easy enough to load a good 20 lbs of camping gear onto this craft without much of an effect as far as performance goes. The storage capacity and ample space for add-on accessories make this craft a great choice for kayak fishing, as well!

Pelican Apex 100 Kayak Fade Blue-White side

Highly Customizable

This kayak has lots of dimples and spots to mount various accessories. So if you’re someone who likes to improve and accessories your boats, you’ll love the Apex 100. It’s easy to install fishing pole mounts, cleats, anchor trolleys, and any other accessories you may find useful.

Reader Comments

We always like to include comments from our readers and comments we find in reviews around the web. Whether they’re positive or negative, we include them in order to give you an honest review of the product. For the Apex 100, these are some of the comments we received:

A few reviewers said that the backrest/seat was somewhat uncomfortable after an hour or so. Another said that the boat was somewhat slow compared to more higher-end boats he had used. Several users reported that the tracking on this craft is less than stellar – so you might notice some sideways drifting when you’re not paddling.

In Conclusion

Overall, we recommend the Pelican Apex 100 as a quality and affordable entry-level kayak, especially coming from such a highly regarded brand. We like its lightweight and stable design, and the options it offers for customization. It’s great for beginners, but anyone who’s used a higher-end SOT kayak will likely notice the downfalls of this cheaper craft. But for beginners to intermediates, it’s a great choice and is quite affordable!

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Buying online, even something as bulky as a kayak, is a breeze. Better yet, you save on gas and get free shipping (mostly). Find out the details and enjoy your new yak.

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