Pelican Liberty 100X Angler Kayak Review (Premium)

Launched in early 2013 (but still going strong in 2014), Pelican Premium is the kayak maker’s latest line of solo sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks. The Premium line includes 4 sit-in models and 4 sit-on-tops, so make sure you know the type of fishing kayak you want to purchase.

Pelican Liberty 100X Angler Kayak

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One of the reasons Pelican kayaks are so popular is that many people are familiar with the brand. Before purchasing a fishing kayak, most paddlers tend to rent kayaks for weekend trips and since most kayak rental places stock Pelican due to their light weight and durability, many end up with a Pelican model when they finally decide to purchase their own.

The Pelican Premium Liberty 100X Angler Kayak is a sit-in fishing kayak in the premium line that Pelican markets as being able to keep pace with you as your skills advances. Like all the other kayaks in the Pelican premium line, the Liberty 100X was crafted from the highest quality components and equipped with innovative, industry leading features.

The kayak was constructed from newly improved RAM-X Premium polyethylene formulation. It is lightweight but tough for the hull to survive knocks on rocks and other underwater obstacles without acquiring dents. Besides the performance aspect, the materials also offer superior aesthetics as a special additive on the deck gives the kayak a glossy, higher-end look.

Apart from the high quality hull material, you will also like its performance on the water.

Well Designed w/ a Fisherman in Mind

The kayak’s twin-arched hull design gives it unbelievable stability. Lateral stability is a big concern for anyone looking for a fishing kayak, but you can safely cast, reel and lean over this kayak with confidence (check out our kayak fishing tips for more advice). However, this increased stability also comes at a price; a less than stellar tracking abilities. While this may be a non-issue if you are an experienced paddlers, beginner often initially have trouble keeping this kayak on course.

To keep it straight though, all you have to do is ensure that you body stays above the center when paddling.

Pelican Liberty 100X Angler Kayak Cream Side ViewThe cockpit features a molded in compartment and a cockpit table with a dry bag (day hatch) for keeping your lunch or other gear handy and a bottle holder to keep you hydrated as you fish. The seat features an adjustable back rest that allows paddlers of different heights use the kayak while enjoying good back support. However, it has a molded-in profile which means that it cannot be reclined at will. The foot pedals are height adjustable though so you can change or adjust your seating position as often as you want to maintain comfort.

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Capacity & Storage

Storage is one of this angler kayak’s most intriguing features. In spite of its small size (the kayak is about 10 feet long); you will still get a stern hatch, a bow hatch and a bungee to store your gear. The bow and stern storage compartments are secured by a quick lock hatch. You can store your food, spare clothes, bedding and just about anything that you wouldn’t want to get wet. Any extra gear can be secured on the top side of the bow hatch using bungee cords.

This kayak was designed for anglers looking for a fishing kayak at a low cost. It offers a little bit of everything the average angler needs without actually going overboard. 2 rod holders are located just behind the molded-in cockpit seat for ease of access while seating. It is also equipped with a paddle holder so that you can always have a free pair of hands for casting, reeling or taking readings from your GPS or sonar fish finder. The boat’s layout is functional to ensure that you can access anything you want without leaving the seat.

The Pelican Liberty 100X Kayak is efficient, functional stable and durable. In my opinion, the two aspects of the boat that do not quite meet expectations are comfort and customization (after all it is made out of quality material). The bottom seat padding wears off after a few months of use and the backrest is only height adjustable wit no recline capabilities. Two flush mount rod holders are provided which may be enough for most anglers, but there are many who would love more. Unfortunately, no mounting plates are provided for such additions.

While experienced kayakers may frown at the lack of mounting options available on the Liberty 100X, the boat shines is every other aspect. It is strong, stable, and durable. Its storage features are also what you will expect in a premium fishing kayak.

Pelican Liberty 100X
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