Pelican Pursuit 140T Tandem Sit-In Kayak Review

Long known for its line of small, lightweight and durable water craft, you can always count on Pelican to provide years of fun and function when you purchase any of their fishing or recreational kayaks.

Pelican Pursuit 140T Tandem Kayak Review

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The Pursuit 140T tandem kayak is one of Pelican’s longer sit in kayaks specifically designed for tandem use. This canoe offers a complete package for beginners, couples and even kids to have fun with the kayak. Measuring a whopping 14 feet long but weighing just a manageable 60 pounds, you and your paddling partner can manage this sturdy, stable fast tracking kayak with maximum ease.

Sitting and comfort

The Pelican Pursuit 140T Kayak has almost everything you need in a recreational tandem kayak. It offers plenty of seating and storage room for two paddlers and was designed with two molded seats with adjustable backrests; perfect for two people want to share an adventure on the water together. Each seat also features a bottle holder so you can access your drink without having to stand. The divots are however, exposed to the sun, so you may have to cover them up to keep your drink cool or carry a cooler in the fore hatch. Like most other Pelican’s adjustable foot pegs are also included.

Keep in mind that the shorter person between you two will feel more comfortable riding in the back seat.

Hull performance

Pelican used their exclusive twin sheet thermoforming technology on this kayak to fuse the deck and hulls to form one sturdy piece. The result? An extremely long lasting boat that can withstand bumps and last for years. The RAM-X material used to construct the hull is known for its superior impact resistance and has the ability to regain its initial shape after sustaining a violent knock. The hull also features a UV protected exterior finish that protects the gloss and keeps the boat looking new after years of use.


Pelican’s line of sit in kayaks emphasizes speed and tracking while maintaining stability and comfort. The kayak’s long profile ensures that you can achieve high speeds without breaking into a sweat while its round keel and drop down skeg ensure that the boats tracks straight, even when you are paddling fast in white or rough waters. The skeg prevents the rear of the kayaks from wiggling. It can also help improve your paddling abilities since you have to get the same stroke to turn the boat.

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Storage features

The Pelican Pursuit 140T 2 person sit-in kayak features two paddle tie downs, a bungee on the rear hatch and a water proof 5 inch hatch to the fore. The paddle tie downs provide a convenient place to connect your paddle leash to without having to drill through the kayak. The elastic rear bungees are also quite strong and you can use them for a season or two before replacing them.


pelican pursuit 140t tandem kayak top yellow

  • Length: 14 ft
  • Beam: 30 in
  • Cockpit Width 23 in
  • Cockpit Length: 93 in
  • Weight: 60 lbs.
  • Max. capacity: 475 lbs.
  • Hull material: RAM-X

My thoughts

On the water, this boat is as fast as most lightweight sea kayaks – in spite of the fact that it carries a heavier load. It is comfortable and easy to carry to your car and secure on the roof thanks to the provided carry handles. This kayak is ideal for people who like bird watching, wildlife enthusiasts and generally just enjoy exploring.

Pelican Pursuit 140T
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