Sevylor K1 QuickPak Inflatable Sit-on-Top Kayak Review

There are lots of different types of kayaks out there, and each brings something unique to the table and suites a particular type of activity better than the others. When it comes to convenience, nothing beats an inflatable kayak. There’s just no comparing the convenience of being able to literally fold your kayak up and throw it in the back seat!

Sevylor K1 Quickpak Sit on Top Kayak White

Even within the sit-on-top kayak market, there is a huge variety of choices. From $20 throwaways to $500+ professional models, there’s a lot to choose from. Today we are going to take a look at the Sevylor K1 Quickpak kayak. We have reviewed it thoroughly, as you can see below! Read through our no honest review and determine for yourself whether the K1 is right for you!

Ultimate Portability

The Sevylor K1 Quickpak offers the ultimate portability possible, even when compared to other inflatable sit-on-top kayaks. This is because the Quickpak’s seat actually doubles as a backpack, and once you deflate the kayak you can actually fold it up and stow it away in the backpack! In about 5 minutes you can go from kayaking down a river to hiking back to your car with your hands free! This is a design feature we’ve seen on a few different products, but so far Sevylor has done the best job of actually implementing the design. Also, this kayak weighs only 16.5 lbs, so it’s a light load and easy to carry.

Surprisingly Comfortable

Unlike many inflatable kayaks, the K1 Quickpak is actually quite comfortable. Its spacious yet efficient design makes it easy to stretch your legs out and avoid getting stiff. And the surprisingly supportive backrest makes even long cruises on this kayak pretty darn comfortable.

Well Designed

kayaking with the K1 Quickpak

Trying out the K1.

We like the thought that went into designing this product. Not only is it comfortable, stylish, and functional, but it also offers some very convenient features not usually found on inflatables. For one, there is a large cargo net on the front that is great for securely storing all your gear. There is also a cup holder placed conveniently within reach of the seat!

Rugged and Durable

While you may be somewhat nervous to trust an inflatable kayak for the first time, you can have faith in this product. The K1 is lined with rugged and tough PVC, and the bottom is reinforced to help avoid punctures and tears. Of course it’s always possible to damage or even pop an inflatable kayak, but compared to similarly priced models, we found the Sevylor K1 Quickpak to be very durable.

Fits Just About Anyone

This kayak’s lightweight design and comfortable seating make it fit for just about anyone to use. Kids, teens, and adults will all be able to enjoy this craft. And according to the manufacturer’s website, this SOT kayak can support up to 400lbs!

Reader Comments

We always like to include any comments our readers leave, or any we stumble across while doing research, in order to bring you honest and straightforward reviews. While we generally find a mix of positive and negative comments, we really didn’t find anything negative for this product! One reviewer said that their item arrived damaged, but the manufacturer was quick to provide a replacement. Another said that they were acutely aware of the possibility of a puncture, but said that so far the kayak was serving their purposes just fine.

In Conclusion

To sum things up, we can fully recommend the Sevylor K1 Quickpak with confidence. In our opinion it’s one of the best portable sit on top kayaks on the market. It’s also affordably priced, which certainly doesn’t hurt!

Sevylor K1 QuickPak
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