Sevylor Tahiti Classic Inflatable Kayak Review

A long history of mishaps while I’ve been on the water and when I’ve had problems with transporting small boats is what brought me to finally review the Sevylor Tahiti Classic Inflatable kayak. This one definitely doesn’t take itself as seriously as a “real” boat, but it’s still incredibly useful for the majority of recreational purposes, especially one you just want to go camping and don’t want to log around a heavy boat.

There isn’t any requirement for a roof rack on the top of your car, and I’ve always found it to be very suitable for day trips at the near-shore. A lot of the reviews of this particular inflatable 2-person kayak have been rather critical (at least compared to other tandem kayaks), but their negative outlook on this one is relatively harsh when you consider that this boat is vinyl at just a tenth of the budget of a full sized sea kayak or ABS canoe.

Where is it best used?

I’ve been known to take my Tahiti Classic to rivers all the wall up to small Class IV rapids. I’m always keeping a keen eye open for branches and sharp rocks, though.

A hard shell kayak handles completely differently to this, but the functionality and portability it provides is absolutely stellar.

The Tahiti Skeg attachment, will help this kayak increase its speed, if you know what you are doing.

The Tahiti Skeg attachment, will help this kayak increase its speed, if you know what you are doing.

I recommend that you buy and utilize the “skeg” for the majority of uses, seeing as it gives you a much faster, straighter ride. If the flows are low and there’s boulders and rocks showing, don’t use the skeg in the rapids. You’ll end up breaking the skegs because of the low river flow.

Seating: The seats are pretty horrific and if you’re in a river, don’t use these seats. If you accidentally flip in the river the seats, which are inflatable, will simply float away and you’ll have a fun time trying to find them again. The best inflatable kayaks are securely attached, you might have to pay a bit more it they are worth it.

Speed: The lack of speed that this kayak provides is commonly mentioned among people that have tried it. Compared to an ocean kayak in an ocean or flat lake, this one is noticeably slower.


  • Very affordable (actually one of the cheapest kayaks I got in terms of price)
  • Not cramped at all, very rigid and it’s colored yellow (very good for visibility)
  • The hand pump valves work really well, and you’re able to choose multiple fittings
  • The material, PVC, is incredibly durable (don’t trawl it along a beach, though)
  • The floors, decks and sides have got a valve each. If you’re needing air, there’s plenty reserved.


  • The seats aren’t too great. My solution was to use snap on seat backs from another one of my kayaks.
  • The boat tracks poorly thanks to there being no keel as it was never meant to be the speediest ride out there.
  • If you’re out of sync with two people paddling, you’ll end up hitting each other’s paddles.

One of the best features that I realized from this Sevylor Tahiti inflatable kayak review is that it’s so inexpensive. It’s easy to fit into the trunk and it is a fantastic choice if you’re going on short day excursions across the shore.

Mine has held up very well and I’m still happy that I made the purchase!

If you’re wanting to be able to go fishing on a whim or go and explore a lake at a low budget, go ahead and get yourself one of these floaters from Sevylor, they have been creating quality kayaks for years, which is why they regularly pop up in the top brands for this type of Yaks.

Sevylor Tahiti Classic
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