Shell Robshaw-Bryan from Camping with Style Shares Her 3 Favorite Camping Meals

We always take a BBQ camping with us, which is the ideal way to cook tasty, succulent chicken burgers. -Shell Robshaw-Bryan

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Shell (from was gracious enough to not only provide detailed description and recipe for these meals, but she also accompanied them with beautiful vivid pictures. Enjoy her reply!

My favourite 3 camping meals.

1) Steak Stew

I prep this all at home first, and simply take the ingredients with me, or more often than not, slow cook it at home, then freeze it, ready to take camping. Once defrosted, it provides a hearty meal with chunks of bread, or simple boiled new potatoes. This meal is hearty and warming, ideal for cooler evenings.

Our steak stew is quick to prepare but benefits from a few hours of slow cooking and consists of steak, mushrooms, onion, leeks, carrots, celery and beef stock. Seasoned with thyme, rosemary, bay leaf, pepper. We sometimes add a couple of glasses of red wine to the stock (ideal if you are serving with bread) or thicken your stock with some creme freche if you prefer a creamier, thicker source.

2) Dirty Chicken Burgers

Dirty Chicken Burgers
Our chicken burgers are simple, tasty and filling, making them ideal for camping. We always take a BBQ camping with us, which is the ideal way to cook tasty, succulent chicken burgers.

Once the chicken is crisp we add home made slaw, which we make at home and take with us in a plastic storage container. Next a few red onion rings and a handful of lettuce to bulk the burger out, finished off with a large, lightly toasted bun. Utterly delicious!

3) Breakfast Burritos

Over the years, this is the breakfast (or snack) we come back to over and over again. It’s tasty, versatile and filling, ideal for setting you up for an active hike on an outdoorsy day.

We start with bacon, onions, mushrooms chopped into small pieces and all fried together in a bit of rice bran oil. Once these are cooked, add a couple of free range eggs, and season in the pan with salt and pepper. It doesn’t look great whilst cooking, but it tastes utterly delicious and you can add things like tomatoes and peppers should you wish to. Once the eggs are scrambled and fully combined with the rest of the ingredients, transfer into a large tortilla wrap and enjoy!

Again, this is something we tend to prep at home to make life easier once at the camp site, but it really isn’t too much of a faff to do in the tent.

Whatever the meal, we always eat ‘proper’ food. No dehydrated packet or tin foods for us! Camping really doesn’t have to mean slumming it food wise and with planning and preparation, you can eat well under canvas, and there is something about food cooked outdoors that makes the eating part even more satisfying!

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