Best Tandem Fishing Kayak Reviews from Expert Anglers 2018

2 friends fishing on a kayak

Tandem kayaks are a great way to bond with your fishing and paddling buddy while making short work of the distance you have to cover. And you don’t need to be an expert kayaker to handle one. These recreational kayak boats are easy to keep steady, making them wonderful for casting a few lines while you relax and enjoy being out on the water. We like to crack a beer or two while doing so, but that’s up to you.

It’s a good idea to do your homework before investing in a tandem kayak for fishing trips, as prices, styles, and materials can differ. If you aren’t the type to enjoy research, however, then feel free to take a gander at the handy list we’ve compiled for you. Of course, the best kayak out there isn’t any one make or model—it’s the kayak that works best for you.

Some of these would be perfect for mother-daughter or father-son trips. Others might be more suited to paddling slightly rougher waters with a buddy. Some have more room than others, while some are easier to put onto your car or truck.

We evaluated the best kayaks on the basis of several factors:

  • ​ease of use
  • ​cost
  • ​weight and portability
  • ​storage space
  • ​stability
  • ​comfort of seating

So, in our expert opinion, these are the 7 best tandem fishing kayaks in the market today:

Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak. 

It doesn't get better in terms of quality and value for your money than the Colorado. This kayak is a burlier one than the rest. It weighs 40 lbs, which puts it at the midrange of the models in terms of weight. Besides its ease of transport, however, it's also strong in stability. You can be confident setting off for rougher waters with this guy. It may not be the cheapest model out there, but it isn’t the most expensive, either.  It'll be able to handle all of your fishing gear with extra room for snacks and storage.

Sevylor Tahiti Hunt & Fish Kayak.

Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak

Next up, one of our favorite inflatables on our list: the Sevylor. Hard to say? Yes. Easy to use? Definitely. And it’s less than half the weight of the Lifetime Tandem, weighing just over thirty pounds. This model is also at the lower end of the price spectrum, so you can invest the rest of the cash in your fishing budget on that sweet new rod you’ve been eyeing. It’s made with 18-gauge PVC construction, so it’s nice and rugged. And it contains various air chambers, in case one gets punctured by an errant cast, so it won’t sink on you. It also comes with D-rings so that you can strap your supplies on easily. We like how you can adjust the seats. Users report it doesn’t take much trunk space and it’s excellent for lakes and tamer rivers.

Old Town Twin Heron Angler Kayak Review. 

Old Town Twin Heron Angler Kayak Review

Ah, the Old Town. One of our favorites. We like the versatility of this boat almost as much as the sweet design. Its hull design is narrow enough that it paddles well with and without a partner, so that if your fishing buddy oversleeps, you can just seat yourself in the stern and paddle away, without worrying about the rest of the boat lifting up out of the water. Simply remove the front seat for a little extra storage space (this kayak, by the way, is a favorite of those whose fishing buddy is their dog, who can sit in the cockpit).

Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak. 

Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayaks

This model is made from high-density polyethylene, so you know it will last. It comes with a 5-year warranty, and it’s able to carry up to 500 lbs. We like this model because it fits two very comfortably (it says it fits three, but we beg to differ—if you want to get anywhere and if your passengers weigh over forty pounds, you’ll want to stick to two). The hull design is made with stability in mind, and it’s coated so that you don’t have to worry about that unsightly peeling you get with older boats that have been sitting in the lake house for too long. There are a variety of different foot rests to keep your paddlers comfortable, and the price includes two paddles, backrests, fishing pole holders, and even a compartment to store those fish you catch. Keep in mind that this is a wide, slow boat for low-key fishing; if you’re planning an epic adventure, you’ll want to spend twice the money on a sleeker craft, so that you don’t drive yourself crazy trying to paddle it a long distance. A nice, stable whale of a boat.

Lifetime 10-Foot Sport Fisher.

Lifetime 10-Foot Sport Fisher.

This kayak is excellent for deep-water fishing, as it’s big hull provides enough stability for you to cast comfortably. It holds two passengers, and it has a huge storage area that’s great for holding supplies, paddles, tents, or any other gear you might want to bring along. They say you can fit a third person in here, but we kind of doubt it. Users loved the padded seat backs and how easy this model was to carry. Comes with two oars.

Advanced Elements.

Advanced Elements

This kayak is another good one for using with either one or two people, as it comes with two decks. You can choose from red or green, and it has a nice, sleek look to it. It’s great for fishing, as the material has three layers. The seats are comfortable, padded, and easily adjustable as well for those long mornings on the lake or river.

BIC Yakkair Fishing-2Hp Inflatable Kayak

BIC Yakkair Fishing-2Hp Inflatable Kayak

 Inflatable kayaks are the future. They’re light and simple to carry and assemble. They’re super convenient to toss in you car. And you generally don’t have to worry about popping them, as the UV-resistant plastic is incredibly strong and puncture resistant. As far as quality tandem kayaks go, this one tops our list. Ideal for fishing from? You do have to be careful, as we’re sure the plastic won’t do much against a barb from your fishing rod. However, if you’re on a fishing trip and would like to paddle to a good place to stand in the water or to cast some lines from the bank, this rigid kayak is our top recommendation.