Best Telescopic Fishing Rod that Easily Open & Close with Reviews

There are many reasons as to why people choose to fish, but one of the main reasons is simply because they enjoy it. Fishing is a chance to detach yourself from the world, be at one with nature in its truest form, and learn a great survival skill in the meantime. It’s a great way to reduce stress and help clear the mind.

Introduction to telescopic fishing rods

There are various different types of rods, as well as rod and reel combos that anglers use to fish. And their choice of rod will largely depend on what and where they’re fishing. One of the most widely used fishing rods when it comes to recreational fishing is the telescopic fishing rod. It’s also favored by those that travel. A telescopic fishing rod functions much in the same way as a normal fishing rod (i.e. you hook your bait, cast your line, and hopefully catch a fish). But where it differs is that these rods are designed to collapse down to a short length, making them ideal for transporting around.

Telescopic fishing rod reviews

When it comes to fishing gear, anglers are spoilt for choice and telescopic rods are no different. So, before you begin your shopping expedition for your next telescopic fishing rod, check out the following telescopic fishing rod reviews to learn about some of the best currently on the market:

With the rod being made from high-quality carbon fiber and fibreglass and with guide rings made from aluminum alloy, this Goture sighing rod and reel set is a force to be reckoned with. As well as it’s durability, it’s also exquisitely designed, having undergone no less than 32 different hand-made craft processes to make it what you see today to ensure accurate casting. The reel is made from high-quality nylon and PA with a CNC machined spool and handle for maximum strength and corrosion resistance. And the reel handle is of an ambidextrous design with an added button to allow for easy folding. It’s also got a computer balanced line system that helps to eliminate any wobbling on the retrieve.

This telescopic fishing rod is made from a high density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass meaning it’s extremely strong and hard-wearing. The reel has a hefty 5.5:1 gear ratio and precision matched gears. It’s also equipped with 13 + 1 corrosion-resistant ball bearings to ensure maximum protection from the elements. The spool is made from top quality aluminum meaning it is lightweight enough to move around comfortably, yet tough enough to last. Collapsed down, this rod is ideally sizes to be taken just about anywhere and fits easily in your car trunk or even a decent sized backpack.

If you’ve no need for a new reel, then check out this telescopic fishing rod on offer from PLUSINO. Available in a nice gold or silver finish, this rod is made from adopted carbon material, meaning it is lightweight enough to carry around with you, yet strong enough to withstand hours of fishing and has great casting accuracy. Its stainless steel hooded reel seats keep it protected against corrosion while an EVA grip has been added for comfort. It’s easily collapsible design makes it the perfect rod for both storing and taking on your travels with you.

If you want a new telescopic fishing rod but are trying to watch the pennies, then why not check out the Eagle Claw PK555SP model. It may not be as fancy as some others out there, but for the price you pay, it’s an absolute steal. Made from a durable glass compound and ceramic guides this is an ideal telescopic fishing rod for those who are often on the move. It collapses down to around 15 inches and weighs less than six ounces making it very convenient to carry. The guides are ceramic while the reel seat is made from graphite. All in all, for a budget model, you can’t really beat it.

Another great product on offer from Sougayilang is this telescopic fishing rod. Made of the highest quality of carbon fiber, this rod will not let you down. It’s stronger and more durable than many others out there yet lightweight and portable at the same time. This rod is also really easy to set up. When collapsed, it’s just over a foot long and fits nicely in the carry case that’s provided when you purchase this rod. The price you pay for the Sougayilang telescopic fishing rod is pretty average and you get far more for your money, rather than the other way around. So, all in all, if you want an easy-to-transport and durable rod that won’t cost a fortune, this is the one for you.

For the more serious fishermen out there, we have this telescopic fishing pole and spinning reel set in offer from Handing. It is one of the more expensive sets out there but it’s worth every penny. While the pole itself is made from high-quality carbon fiber, the reel seat is made from a strong but light anti-corrosion metal. One innovative feature this rod offers that most others don’t is it has a special fluorescent top piece which makes night fishing a much more viable option. It’s very easy to set up and even easier to collapse, making it the perfect telescopic rod to take traveling with you.

We hope you found the above useful and now have some idea as to which telescopic fishing rod you’d like to get your hands on for the forthcoming fishing season when you next get out there “telescoping.” There are lots of great rods out there, but those listed above are some of the most popular around at the moment. So, if you are looking for a quick and easy, tried and tested option, one of the above should suit you just fine for the next time you go lake fishing, river fishing, or saltwater fishing.