Wilderness Systems Kayaks: Reviews and Recommendations for Paddling Into 2018

Wilderness Systems Kayaks

​Whether you are buying your first or your tenth, you want to ensure you’re getting quality gear when purchasing a kayak. One way to do that is to shop Wilderness Systems Kayaks. They are one of the market’s leading brands, providing up-to-date technology, ultimate comfort, and security, as well as optimized stability and functioning that allows you to use your kayak for virtually anything. Whether kayak fishing, riding the rapids, or just enjoying a slow cruise while soaking up the sun, Wilderness Systems has kayaks of all varieties, making it easy for you to choose the best one for you. We’ve chosen some of the best they have to offer and outlined all the important details to make choosing your new kayak an easy task for you!

Choosing the Right Size for You

When picking your kayak, you may notice that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This may bring you to wonder exactly which one best fits your needs. To choose which kayak size is best for you, you need to consider a few things, including how you plan to use your kayak and your weight.

Kayaks that are shorter in length provide expert maneuverability, allowing you to turn and navigate with ease. Longer kayaks glide through the water with more speed and swiftness, which makes them a great option for longer trips, especially if you want to save yourself some paddling. Wider kayaks provide a more stable base, which is especially important if you plan to stand up while on the water. Aside from deciding which size and shape is best for your intended use, you should consider that kayaks have weight limits as well.

Accessories to Look For

Aside from the size of your kayak, you should consider what accessories and features you’d like to have included. This can range from fishing systems, to expert seating, to increased storage capacity. Most kayaks will come with a standard detachable kayak seat and some sort of storage option, but you may be looking for more. It’s important to note that while the kayak may not come loaded with everything you need, aftermarket accessories can be bought and loaded onto your boat to ready it for the adventures ahead. Look for a kayak that is equipped with a standard accessory system, which will allow you to easily attach most accessories. For optimized storage, consider kayaks with multiple built in storage containers as well as top deck bungee rigging, which will allow you to tie down supplies and clip on extra storage space. With the right accessories, it is easy to customize your kayak to fit your personal needs.


Perception Kayak Pescador Moss Camo Angling Kayak

This kayak is ten feet long and just over 30 inches wide, which makes it great for steering and piloting your way down the river. The Tarpon 100 is a sit-on-top style kayak, which includes a Phase 3 AirPro seat for back support as well as an adjustable foot brace system for added security and stability. The maximum weight capacity is 325 pounds.

There are also built in storage pockets for all your accessories and gear, as well as a built in cup holder. The SlideTrax accessory system allows you to easily attach accessories, which will help you make your kayak fit your specific needs. The stern tank allows you to keep all your necessities close by and safe without them being in your range of motion. The handles feature padding for a comfortable grip when moving your kayak about on land.



While the Wilderness Systems Aspire 105 doesn't have a lot of complicated tricks and gimmicks, it still holds its weight in efficiency and durability. This kayak has everything you need for a day on calm open waters and at 10.5 feet long by just under 30 inches wide provides exceptional stability even for beginner paddlers. It has a standard Phase 3 AirPro seat, which is notably comfortable and supportive. You can enjoy padding for both your knees and thighs to create extra security and comfort. The Slidelock XL foot brace system adjusts to paddlers of virtually any height for a snug fit. Enjoy the multiple storage options, including a built in console and gear trays, top deck bungee rigging for tying down any personal items, as well as the padded handles for easy carrying.

The maximum weight allowance for this kayak is 400 pounds and the kayak itself weighs 48 pounds, which means it can easily be maneuvered to and from your launching location.

2017 Wilderness Systems Radar 115 Fishing Kayak Package

2017 Wilderness Systems Radar 115 Fishing Kayak Package

This package is designed for serious fisherman and includes everything you need to reel them in while enjoying the water from your new kayak. The Radar 115 Kayak is 11.5 feet long and features Wilderness System’s S.M.A.R.T. Hull Technology, which emphasizes Stability, Maneuverability, Acceleration, Responsiveness, and Tracking. The kayak provides a flat platform and 34.5-inch width that allows free-range of motion while standing, as well as a comfortable AirPro Max seat. The SlideTrax rails make this boat compatible with almost any accessory. The weight limit on this kayak is 450 pounds.

The fishing package includes the Helix PD Pedal Drive, which is an optimized pedal system to help you move through the water with ease. You also will get a set of Vamo Roof Rack Pads and a Vamo Tie Down Set for securing your kayak when on the road.

Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 Kayak

Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 Kayak

The Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 boasts a length of 16.5 feet, which help carry it swiftly through even rugged waters. This personal watercraft is excellent for traversing long distances and is considered a “touring” kayak. The small 21.5-inch width makes this an excellent option for smaller paddlers, allowing them plenty of room with optimal maneuverability. The Phase 3 AirPro XP seating provides total back support and light cushioning for comfort. The padded thigh braces and SlideLock XL foot brace system are both easily adjusted, providing a secure fit for most paddlers. The deck is rigged with bungee cords and lined with reflective static lines for style and safety.

The kayak weighs 55 pounds but is easily handles with padded grips. Enjoy multiple storage options including a stern and midship hatch. The TruTrak Adjustable Skeg System allows you to track and navigate with ease. The weight limit is 300 pounds for this exceptional kayak.